Buff Correll Goodwill Collab Event

    This is some great news I have for all you Buff Correll fans browsing bohos.bigbohos.com today. For a limited time only, the legendary internet superstar buffcorrell has collaborated with Goodwill locations across the anglosphere to bring everyone exclusive merch that can only be purchased through 10/12/2023 to 10/24/2023. Competing retailers have been trying to get the attention of Mr. Correll for a number of years, and many fans are quite excited to finally get the opportunity to buy his merch at an exclusive markup.

"He's got his own store online, but I know this even fairer 'cause I been known he done play before," said 27 year-old Fargas Tyrell Sparrow, Cir. 10/9/2023 11:59:59.

    Fans of Mr. Correll have been able to purchase merchandise depicting himself at peak grinding levels for some time now. However, buying in-person during this limited time offer at any approved Goodwill location will guarantee any customer 50 additional Correll points to be used in the upcoming mobile release of Buffnite, a highly anticipated 3rd-person action adventure battle royale role playing game that has already been nominated for the 2024 and 2025 game awards. Truly, this is a deal that cannot be matched anywhere on the current Buff Correll twosie twosie twosie charts™.

    In addition to all of the merch currently distributed through his vast online marketplace, Buff Correll has commissioned several new shirt designs from the one and only $wag Money Pillow Drinker. Being a highly reputable and trusted journalist in the Bohosphere, I took it upon myself to email Mr. Drinker for a sneak peak at what can be expected from the new merch that will drop soon. Shortly after writing to Mr. Drinker, he responded with an attachment that is sure to set the internet ablaze in the coming hours:

    To conclude, the time to be a Buff Correll fan is now, as the coming weeks will host an incredibly special opportunity to get the best merch from the hero of the internet. Start hustling to your nearest Goodwill to be the first of your friends to acquire the finest threads ever known, and once again become Buffborne on the go with a 50 Correll point head start in the mobile release of Buffnite. LET'S GET IT!!!

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