5 years of bohos.bigbohos.com

We have recently surpassed the 5th anniversary of this website. It hasn't been used as much in the past 2 years as it has been for the first few, with a mere 6 articles having been posted in the past year. While there's no certainty that the rate of articles will change in the next 5 years, Big Bohos will remain standing for as long as I am capable of paying $12/year to keep the bigbohos.com domain afloat. Keeping this website somewhat active for 5 years is pretty insane, honestly. Balancing school and work and the rest of life makes it hard to continuously add to this website. I do plan on continuing to make silly little articles about the things that interest me, and even if there is little demand, any of our tens of fans can be assured that their patience will eventually be rewarded.

You'll have to excuse the brevity and lateness of this article, as I literally forgot about the anniversary and I also forgot to post the article on time, so you'll have to accept it a week late. :)

- morsh


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