Summer Slugfest

 I've got some concerns, son. If you know me, you'd know that I can't get enough of Slugfest... But I'm having some doubts about it this year. You see, traditionally The Summer Slugfest is more of a cultural congregation and celebration, but now you only see sporties at the event. It's fucking disgusting, and I've had enough of their shenanigans, such as the joint-snorkeling. 

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Most disturbingly of all, this comes at a time of unprecedented change. The biannual solstice for the islands of al-jumihariya has been delayed by 6 days for the purpose of the anime girl guns and eletions fraud. 

who tf voted for this guy??

With all of this being said, it's still looking good for the upcoming Summer Slugfest. Buffcorrell is expected to join us at the improv singing side event, along with H-Mart owner, president, founder, director, and CEO of H-Mart, Mardude Rudder.
The chalice of champions will also be a prize available for the taking in the new boat skidding event, which entails the formation of 16 teams vying for a spot in the big blasting tournament. All of this, and more, is happening at Summer Slugfest. Murderers and psychopaths are NOT ALLOWED (Mountain chickens welcome.)

For food, there are many options to suit any palette, ranging from pizza to salad to pizza salad!

The starting prices for the pizzas and candies and pescatarian slices are $300 USD (1024.28 shekels), although if you cannot afford this, you may resort to cannibalism or rad chugs, preferably the former if you wish to stay within the good graces of our great friend Conrad.
Tickets are abailable now for bargain bin prices, so you'd basically be a fool not to get them. However, I'm a fool and I don't know anything about puberty, so I'm asking you to go in my stead, son. Godspeed, you fucking disappointment. Slugfest is a sacred tradition in the family, Humphrey. 
okay dad
lov u uwu <3

- morsh, VicBeatz, KappASA


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