My Finacial insubstantiality


On the day of the super bowl I decided to make a change that would change history. This year at college my swag levels have been contributing to a direct increase in my poor financial decisions. I cannot stop buying chipotle. As you can see from the graph below I clearly need to make a change. We need to ban chipotle for I cannot be trust with money around it. It must go to the bad place. To the deep depths of the bad. If you want to donate a cent or too to help my situation, my cashapp is $GonnlaeyGrossBleming and my PayPal is @crfrocks. Please give me money I need more I want more I am a greedy man with money wants and needs I want. Do not worry I won’t buy chipotle I am too swag. I have many babes. Babe 1 (Me) Babe 2 (fig) Babe 4 (Santi) Babe 5 (naj). Do not ask about Babe 3 you will go to the bad place with chipotle. Fellow traveler please send me your golden doubloons. The best part about college has to be the people around me. I have surrounded myself with other swag people and I am bery happy. This is the official Swag Master of BigBohos, Gonnlaey Gross Bleming aka lil buttermilk signing off. Let’s go guys

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