The Rapture


Connley is losing his mind


I have lost my mind I cannot find it AAAAAAAGH. This just in the man that I know as myself Gonnlaey Gross Bleming has now lost his marbles. They are on the floor. Please do not get affended. Now onto more serious matter. Solid, liquid, gas, plasma, كرات, كرات, كرات, كرات, كرات, كرات, كرات, كرات, and كرات. The joke is funny. NOW LAUGH. Okay guys let’s do some dancing let’s show me my moves. This week is not sponsored by Frankie Macdonald, but we all wish it was. So, no GAAAIII Hangin out at your own house is pretty cool, and I like doing that. And this guy came over, and I didn’t know his name. But now I do and his name was rgehtegrehahrtewsthr. This is a certified hood classic. Actually, I think his name was srftghhrterhesg. Actually I don’t, I don’t think he had a name, but if he did have a name it would be スワッグマスター. Or or maybe スワッグマスタースワッグマスタースワッグマスタースワッグマスター. Or or maybe eeejeeeeyeaaaaaah huh?. So what did we learn today? Connley cannot get his brain okay thanks for watching. Ok nevermind I found it.

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