Big Bohos 3rd Anniversary

 As things stand, today is the 3rd Anniversary of the first post on this website, which we call "Big Bohos." It seems pretty crazy to think this "project" was started all the way back in 2018, a very different time indeed. 

In these 3 years, we've gone through a lot. Fear. Anger. Lust. Even the occasional ecstasy. Honestly, it's all been worth it so far. All of the anguish and pure disdain of this site has totally paid off.

we've almost made enough adsense money to pay for 1/4 of the yearly cost of this domain!

In order to celebrate this milestone, I shall reveal our secrets of creating articles in a (mostly) timely manner. There is no secret ingredient.
If you want to join the Kung Fu Panda roleplay club, we meet on Mondays and Wednesdays afterschool in Mr. Goodman's classroom

I'm super happy to have made it to 3 years of Big Bohos, and I'm super excited to see what we do with this website before its 4th anniversary. Thanks a lot to everyone who reads these posts. It really truly does mean a lot to me to have anyone reading this.

- morsh


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