E3 2021: The Boho Scoop

E3 was massively stacked this year. The sum of panels was absolutely enormous, and the number of games announced was probably considered a big number. In case you missed everything, here's the Big Bohos recap of E3 2021.

For the record, this won't be a comprehensive list of everything. That would be a boring waste of time. Instead, I'll be covering everything that actually caught my attention. 

Summer Game Fest Kickoff

This technically wasn't actually part of E3, but I want to cover it anyways, and plus, it's basically part of E3.

Jared Simpson points towards the title of the conference being discussed

Geoff Keighley really had us covered with a performance by Weezer. We don't deserve this man. The Summer Game Fest Kickoff was essentially the VGAs without any of the awards: 90% filler, 9% stupid and 1% low fat dairy.

  • Lost Ark
Lost Ark looks like a mobile game if it was made with the budget and hardware of a AAA game. It looks like what I used to imagine World of Warcraft would play like based on the cover art I would see as a kid, and for that reason it looks like a game I would have loved as a kid, even if I had no idea what anything was that was going on. I'm sure it'll just be another fantasy based MMORPG, but I'll still be looking out for it.

  • Prime Gaming
Amazon knows that Prime Gaming is perfect for Pride Month

I don't care about Prime Gaming. I only included it so that I could tell you that you are a massive nerd if you actually get Prime Gaming

  • Planet of Lana
This game looks cool. Looks like a sort of story-based platformer, like Limbo, which I'm sure is a comparison that a lot of people are gonna make. I have some pretty high hopes for Planet of Lana, I think it'll be swag.

  • Back 4 Blood
We've already seen this game before somewhere, but it's still quite exciting. If you still haven't seen it, it's a spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead 2, and it's made by the same devs if I'm not mistaken. It's really exciting to see a new Left 4 Dead style game, since it isn't a super plentiful genre to my knowledge.

  • Tunic
I remember seeing Tunic at an E3 a couple years ago and thinking it looked really promising. I'm seeing it again, and I'm thinking the same thing. It's an adventure-action RPG type deal where you really don't understand anything that's going on. Pretty neato. I'm very excited to see this one when it comes out.
Real footage captured from an undisclosed location

  • Elden Ring
FromSoftware is known for getting the britches soiled, and it turns out that Elden Ring is no exception. We got a release date for January of next year, which is pretty freaky sweet when you think about it.


Ubisoft was underwhelming as usual. There were a bunch of games that I will never care to play, and nothing much else. The only thing remotely interesting was the trailer for the game about the sequel to that one movie that I forgot everything about.
I think the movie looked something like this?

Devolver Digital

Devolver is great, right? Definitely one of the best publishers out there at the moment, both in terms of games and in terms of the actual company. Their selection of games definitely did not disappoint either.
  • Trek to Yomi
A sort of 2d hack and slash type deal with the artstyle of My Friend Pedro. The gameplay looks like it has some serious weight in the movements, so it looks like it'll be a lot of fun to play. The style of a sort of ancient Japanese type deal is also very swag.
  • Death's Door
This game looks sick as hell. You play as a pigeon or other closely related bird and you beat the bejesus out of the dangerous enemies. It looks like it'll be a sort of 3d hack and slash / 3rd person shooter. Super excited to see this one.
You will not get tired of seeing energy sword content on bohos.bigbohos.com

  • Demon Throttle
I love how this looks. It's essentially an 80s shmup/bullet hell type game, reminiscent of something from an old Japanese arcade game. The pixel art looks great too, which is not something that studios seem to do much anymore.

Xbox (and Bethesda)
It just works (Bethesda gave us nothing of note btw)
  • Back 4 Blood
The game has PvP. My thoughts are still the same as they were before.
  • Battlefield 2042
Looks cool, and Battlefield has always had really good trailers. This game looks like an interactive version of those army commercials I keep getting on YouChube.
  • Psychonauts 2
This game looks so freaking teh randomz!! In all seriousness though, I've been looking forward to Psychonauts 2 since it was announced, and I can't wait to see this one when it releases.
  • Halo Infinite
Energy Sword Sunday

In terms of the story, I could not even pretend that I care. However... this multiplayer does look pretty sick.
  • Shredders
New skating game coming out, but I guess technically it isn't a skating game since snowboards seem to be the main means of transportation. It will definitely play like a skating game regardless. Looks like fun.
  • Forza Horizon 5
Forza is about driving on the road or not road if you really want. I've always wanted to start playing Forza, but now there's a new one, so maybe I'll need to get it.

PC Gaming Show

Cringe Bot is back from the previous year, and (s)he (?) was as amazing as ever. I didn't care about really any of the games with the possible exception of one (1):
  • They Always Run
This sort of reminded me of the interactive story-based platformers from way back, like Another World or the original Prince of Persia. That's at least what I could gather from the trailer, but who really knows.

Freedom Games

It's pretty cool to see a couple cool looking indie games out there. Freedom Games is not a name that I'm super familiar with, but they were kind enough to keep their presentation short and sweet with a pretty minimal amount of filler.
  • Coromon
If you can imagine what it would be like of Gamefreak never transitioned to 3D, Coromon might be what the next Pokémon game could look like. I'm sure the devs will hear the comparison a million times, but the influence is very obvious. Regardless, I think having a Pokémon game that doesn't force me to give money to Nintendo is a good thing. I look forward to seeing more of Coromon.
  • Dark Deity
This looks pretty cool. The gameplay looks basically like a Fire Emblem style RTS-type deal. Not too much else to say, just seems pretty cool.


Nintendo is a very unique company. They're probably the only human beings who can upset me by doing something good. I hate that I have to give them my money for anything good they ever put out, but we definitely got some exciting announcements.
  • Smash Ultimate
Kazuya Mishima from the Tekken franchise is coming to Smash. This is exciting because
*sound of dump truck backing up*

  • Metroid Dread
A brand new Metroid-vania style game is releasing from Nintendo in the near future. It seems pretty cool, but I guess we'll really just have to wait and see what this studio brings to the table.

Closing thoughts

I realize this article was incredibly long, but keep in mind that this is a summary of E3. Be thankful I didn't choose to go through literally every announcement.
Was it worth it to watch E3 this year? No.
If Nintendo had the best conference, then we know we're in the worst of times. But anyways, that is all I have this fine evening.
Stay safe
- morsh


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