Top 5 things that can kill Prince Phillip

(Note from morsh of Big Bohos: This article was written two weeks before the passing of Prince Philip. It was not intended to be making fun of a dead man. That being said, it will remain up. I see no reason to erase what was essentially an edgy joke just because it has new meaning in a new context. Thank you for understanding.)

British government please don't come for me /s /s TW /s TW /s /poop /long


1) Chocolate rain

the casual Prince Phillip taking a stroll before being hit with a wave of chocolate rain

My reason as to why I think Chocolate rain could potentially kill Prince Phillip is because naturally water has a pH of 7 and adding chocolate to that would most likely make it basic (idk I'm not a loser who studies these geek things.) In the case of the water being more basic, it would be more slippery which would make him tumble down the Big Benjamin or Humongous Harold.

2) Bangarang beat drop

this is the XD epic beat drop btw

If I'm keeping it real with you guys, I don't think anything in your life could possibly prepare you for a bangarang beat drop. In Prince Phillip's case, he'd fucking die from the immediate shock of the beat drop. When the beat drops, his heart will suffer unrepairable damage and consequently causing his heart to literally shatter. 

3) This brap attack

Visual representation of me releasing a brap attack on this bozo 😹👎

On a fart scale ranging from 1-10, I think a smell of 7+ would disintegrate his sense of smell and his internal organs at the same time. To put it into perspective a smell of 1 would smell like a light smell of molding cheese. A 10 would smell like the mix of a Garbage place and the nastiest smelling fish and an atomic smell of feces and upchuck.  

4) A swift wind

Prince Phillip taking a stroll before being hit with a swift wave of wind

If Prince Phillip took a stroll and was hit with a wave of wind going 2 mph, he'd die. This would probably be his slowest way of death because the flesh on his skin would slowly fall off and he'll be left skinned by the wind. This would ultimately leave him to be decomposed by the Royal Family and a couple of crows or something.   

5) Gamer Rage 

Prince Phillip miraculously being able to play Cold War without literally dying during the match 

In the illustration, Prince Phillip ends off the round of Cold War with a pathetic K/D of 0.08 and is about to have the worst rage of his life. The utter rage this man will let out will eventually lead him to pop about every single one of his blood vessels and make himself bleed internally. Even with his gamer chair that cools him down, his rage will be too much for the gamer chair to handle.

art credits: me 
Also, Rest in Piss BOZO
smoking that Prince Phillip pack 😹👎🔥


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