New SFV Update brings forth the dinkster

 This is an undeniably massive moment in fighting game history.

Capcom have just released the newest update for Street Fighter V Arcade Edition: Hyper Fighter United (Deluxe Edition). The game will now be called Dan Hibiki Destroys the Universe with his Massive Weiner.

Dan Hibiki makes his long awaited return!

So Capcom gone done and released a new update for the famous and quite popular fighting game known as Street Fighter V. Along with some minor changes, it seems like the hunk of Capcom's work has gone into updating their privacy policy. They also added a fan favorite Dan Hibiki character who plays surprisingly like Dan Hibiki. For those out of the loop, Dan Hibiki is notoriously the historically worst Street Fighter character according to whoever this guy is

The proverbial big boys over at Capcom have also added an additional training stage so that you don't get administered to an insane asylum for looking at the same stupid stage since Street Fighter IV Vanilla Edition.

Finally, dem boyz added a brand new feature to the game, which is V-Shift, and I still have yet to use it once. It acts as an additional defensive option and I suppose gives the game some more depth while also remaining virtually entirely unused. Only time will tell how effective this new V-Shift rubbish will end up.

Dan Hibiki makes his long awaited return!