(Tori) bello


did i startle you? 

Big Bohos Big Bohos 

 it is i, victoria, back with another big bohos 

riddle me this dear bohos, i have a question 

what is a true big bohos?

It is a big boho? 

A boho that is big?

Does it go around the world, looking for fellow bohos? Is it a person, place, or thing? An adverb? A noun? 

........ what are it's pronouns. what is a boho.

pls educate me on such a noun, adverb, conjunction, pseudonym, synonym, antonym, onomatopoeia, homonym.....

b i g  b o h o s 









thx to alfredo for getting kapp to let me post once again

for more inquiries, or to answer my questions, my twitter is @toriboo277

Everybody steppin' till big bohos be reppin'


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