Why Burger King Original Chicken Sandwich Is BETTER Than McChicken

 Right off the bat, if you've never had a McChicken with cheese, go try it. It is the crème de la crème of chicken sammiches. But I am going to focus SOLELY on chicken, lettuce, mayonnaise, and bun. Therefore, it will not be counted in this final decision.

Just for reference, here is the delectable, scrumptious McChicken with American cheese.

We will start with a McChicken. 

Here is your average, every day McChicken. To some of you,
 this looks yummy and scrum-diddly-umptious. But look again. It's not. As you can see, this stupid piss baby McChicken is nothing compared to the godly Original Chicken Sandwich from Burger King seen below.

Notice the crunchy and toasty poppy seeds. The elongated form makes the sandwich more appealing and filling. It has crisp, fresh lettuce that is sure to make you hobble, wobble, and gobble in your seat. The steaming hot, crispy yet juicy fried chicken patty. Infused with seasonings in the breading. And to top it all off, nice cool mayonnaise on each bun, coating the chicken and moistening your mouth hole for easy consumption. Let's recap.

^ The God of Flavor ^

^ The God of Piss ^


  1. 'tis a scrumptious delicacy, this burger king chicken sandwich

  2. I hate it when sinners insulate our brand


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