This Game is Off the Chain: Quaver

Hello everyone, as of recently, Morsh and I have been invested in a new rhythm game that has hit the steam store last month. And let me tell ya, its got the drip, the shlip, the rhymes and undoubtedly the shlimes™. Quaver is a beat mania style rhythm game with 4 key and 7 key game modes. Let me run you through some of the features and some of the things I liked.

I liked:

  • Outstanding Cosmetic Customization
    • Quaver was built to be customized, and they have menus to customize skins, sounds, judgement colors, and many other aesthetics, even including steam workshop integration. So everyone can get something they like, coming from Osu!mania? skins exist to emulate their ui, Yugen? yup you're covered.

  • Even More Outstanding Gameplay Customization
    • The game has many features that allow you to tailor gameplay to your preferred way to play. In game menus allow you to adjust features such as speed, and creating custom judgment intervals, want to play a more forgiving game? Or perhaps play with stricter timings, its all there. Other notable features is the ability to randomize lane positions of notes or mirror lanes for additional fun.
  • Course Preview
    • Simply said, there is a tab to preview what the course looks like, and the game provides difficulty ratings for each point in the song so you are able to see what you can expect and adjust accordingly.
  • Seamless Editor and Load Time Optimizations
    • Quaver's approach to song selection is that the song you select is loaded and plays throughout the menu, when selecting through different difficulties of the same song does not cause the game to reload the song, it simply picks up where you left off. The same applies to editing songs, simply click edit and view any song with the in game editor at the exact place you left off. The same applies to the jukebox menu, a virtual lobby to invite friends to listen to songs together within Quaver and talk with text chat.
  • User Friendly Downloads
    • Every uploaded map is displayed within the game, no need to leave the game or visit other websites that host the charts like other games. Simply click to download and it'll be ready for you in your library. 
  • Superb Social Structure
    • The game features a user list, and allows you to add friends and see what songs your friends are playing. Additionally, there are leaderboards, scores, and overall world and country rankings for each player. And multiplayer lobbies for you to meet new people, hang out with friends and share songs you've created or whatever you'd like. 

Quaver is free to play and rapidly growing, as of 8/4/20 these are the current stats courtesy of 


I spoke to some players of the game on discord and they had these words to share, check them out and tell them goblinoid sent ya.
  •  "I love quaver and it is almost perfect but I have trouble with the windows button and the HP. It's blocked in osu!mania and the HP is way harder than osu!mania. Plus the column spacing doesn't exist in quaver yet. It is really wonderful, has a lot of cool features, [and] I can't really complain about the game. But quaver is better overall, I had really good time playing with you as well." deppressito
  • "The game is fun; it's fun to play the songs, and it's even to make them. It's great that so much of the game is based off of community contribution, something which I feel really adds to the rhythm game experience, although I can't help but feel that maybe there might be a few too many anime songs compared to other genres." morshdawg
  • "I thought the game was going to be a bit hard, I saw friends playing it and liked the look of it but didn't think I'd be able to achieve much but after a bit a practice it became really fun and enjoyable. It's very enjoyable with friends and I really think that the community is super nice. Most players I have met are super cool and helpful and I have even befriended some of them." Bucky
  • "At first you think its going to be impossible but once you get the swing of it and work it out, it becomes really enjoyable and each level becomes easier. its super simple to get the hang of and I would know because I've currently got a broken wrist!" L0RDKELIB
  • "it makes me more worried about my accuracy than osu!mania does." Curious
  • "My friend likes rhythm games so I said why not, might as well try it. I thought I would be worse than him cuz I normally am in most of the games we play together. I actually found something I like and that I'm decently good at. The community of Quaver also isn't as bad as osu or other games I've played, so it's really enjoyable playing multiplayer. Though the game isn't refined to every single point it is great for a free game. Songs in the game are good. Omagatoki

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