Hello, I am Renklov Bethell Junior. I'm going to tell you the epic tale of the greatest odyssey ever known, Type Brady Wars Wake, a paradigm of exquisite storytelling. It is an intricately woven account of love, deceit, judgement, and loss between a close group of WM1809 Gorilla worshipers. Be sure to pay close attention to the narrative; there will be a quiz at the end. Here it goes:

What I'm doing now

Hope you do too

She danced in the old school tunnel. I will show you

I didn't ask to go there

I can't wait to get your hands on the table

Think of it as a good peanut garden

Oh, I see Duck Sean

I was completely paralyzed.

I think the dog is ready.

- Hey, something? What's up

There are people on the road

It's a treasure

At least that's how it works.

He hesitated.

I see bad things. There is no light inside or outside.

No danger

Damaged land is not destroyed.

The bank can answer.

Get it

The police said a lot

Dirty tea. Wow, that's great

In what row would you give him a good book? I do not know

What a shame

Follow your will!

Give it a try - there's a sean duck

True to the President's words.

- Working in the area


Press home and ask for help

Do good things

He has risen from the dead.

thank you very much


I know you can help.

Upon arrival, the mayor was announced on the spot and could return several hours ago.

Tell me what I can do No, but the commander sent a complaint: "I explained a lot.

"-Make it a tree-yes.

Is the bank a fraudulent bank?

Doors and windows are closed.

There was nothing more than breathing by the wall.

Walking in the cabin is fun, not bad

Why can't I see my son? I'll take care of everything

Why not in this room? -Yeah

Want to dance at your feet? First, I told myself I forgot the first wall. But no

Call Sean

Antique Calendar-3

With me, this is my favorite food.



Is it easy? Inc. What happened

It's just the fact that there is a lot of energy.

Why are you dancing? This picture is ok

This old job is not so dark.

You have an idea

See you in the shop

You may have missed it.


This is a good strategy.

Come on

We and Sean are hosting a meeting.

-For food removal

Explore the market Please check. Call Sean! Absolutely

Sean invites Hello, it's about to end

Clean what you do carefully


Get it

We can call it a sean duck.

Inc. It was great. Unfortunately, it has satisfied him. -Yeah, I'm fine. - When in doubt

How did you get there? - Wood is wood. Book: Book: I want to order the cops.

I'll miss

Everything is different. What's going on here? Give it a try

Hard work

Books: Books: Wait for my book. Book: how to get it out of here

Book: Book: Book: O! This is a bad way to deceive yourself.

But at least weeds

Inc. Inc. is dead. If we have chickens, we try to hide them.

Nobody came and hit me.

I'm talking about a hat, like sitting in bed.

Contact Sean for this.

The child thinks of his mother.

Well, it definitely can't be repaired.


Do You Have Anything It's over. My son.

I thought it was a dog.

Unfortunately, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good. Call Sean

Get to know other people before meeting.

It's a wild ride

I read this book, but it didn't hurt me.

Why is it so important to write a seed book? This secret is blocked.

Give me a cup and I'll have the first course

The car hid the van.

look here

What you get is not the house registration price

Unfortunately, there are them.

It's not good

The skin is loose

But there is a difference


There are those who want to see another person.

Better than Romesh or Sean.

There are also some details.

Call Sean today and why can't you do anything? save

Destination in Hawaii

- I am an enthusiast! - yes


The newsletter has changed.

Oh my goodness


- yes

- Sam? insurance

The next day, I left the old town.

I have never gone.

I am not part of my trip.


-I think otherwise.


Do not go!

The historic center is empty again.

Prinsesar? Did not stop there

"Do not do this".

Yes, are you kidding me? - Better young man.

Think chinese

Do not miss the fun and enjoy everything.

Also look for a lot of bananas.







Give it to yourself! Listen, listen! Live in a place where Tikiti is prohibited! Help now! Sean! where are you? Excuse me, where are you? My father has the right

You are dead blast! Not at all! Walk! Yellow has looked like 47 consecutive months in 47 years.






Several others have done it.


I'm thirsty.

You can see that they can't travel much.

Salt! OK We are all responsible! - What do you want? My God, you know it.

It seems useless.

Where is the god

Sims Borg Ltd. Birthday Teacher

calcium carbonate trees and islands! Delicious! The poor? I remember seeing a tree.

But think about it.

Anger is a science. The man and snap blamed the mistake.

Hey? And grinding.

It was everything that occurred to me.


Take your time! I don't know, Smith.

Pay attention! - Take a rest! - Take a rest! Wait

She really left.

So how is the battery reduced? Scala! Tell me! Bring the ball! - Do it! - Do it! Sean, where are you? - Do it

What? Identify the violence.

Do you agree with A? "I'm fine."

Yes, there are many manufacturers.

go ahead



- yes

You can choose between two colors.

God is real






47 hours

Instead of 48.

Spend a month? go ahead

All previous! I don't know

See the menu

Only the wind sees it.

- This is war.

This is a chimney.

Choose me


Discover who you are

Thanks for watching! Oh madness now.

Lessons to try

This is a story about domestic violence.






"Mari Tiki Tia" follows her musical story.

I want to know why the island is on.

Because it is

You must continue


- Where in the old town.

Great place for angels.

Who wants to find the house of an ancient race? - We're different

he has

There is no way to leave the Germans there.

When nose caught fire, we were able to enter the forest.

Why wouldn't I go black?

It was very funny.

Breakfast? Sorry Sean.


Squid strain! - yes

Good thank you

Squid strain! Hear! I can only see if you are trapped.

I'm sorry about that

Probably not, I missed The Hague and Dan.

Where do you come from this city? -Do you like Fred? "Now they don't listen to me."

Father! I'm sorry about that

It is probably cotton.

It's my skin

Thanks, hello, waking up air duct, we saw the introductory cycle.

Is incredible.

it's possible

Find out who you are

- Do it! - Bring it here! You're lost

If so, what else? Fred, and the Baptists were not banned.

I need it

I don't say they don't want to know.

Hello guys

The lines and waste have disappeared.

- directly.

What happens? I do not care

He went

it's okay

Find out who you are

- Yes, hurry up ... - Yes! Of course, it is not my picture.

Hi, I'm so scared! Go ahead! - Do it! - yes! I have to do it

It's over! Guardian must be accessible

Sim, Teague, Sean, Heisenberg.

Hi bush

It can be one way.

Either way, you are more specific.

Do not! Amami

Try to close the door.

Aibha! But he didn't call me.

Come on Sean.

You are almost crying for Tiki! What do you do

Chef Jones.

Food to take

Looks like a good mix.

This entry will be delayed.

Thanks again

How much money do you spend on this knowledge and do you hope people understand it better?

Why not?

Corruption? - full city.

They believe in legends about monkeys.

He also came to the government and came to speak.

What about me? "What should I do?"

Chapter Three: Look tonight

Can you buy it? You probably woke up.

"Of course, I'm sorry."

I am not strong enough

Address only.

"John?" Yes.

For the best professional.

Ready to use

the head

Mintosan Graf sprouts bridges.

This is my job

The name of coffee

Physical symptoms

Look at that.

No! People

Cutlet is good

to come

As a special character

A beautiful place

Look at what Kennedy saw.

Canada Canada leads the way

Do not use knives! Do not start early, so that you can help.

I have heard, but I have not heard.

Wow, Poro! Let's help students, for example! You can help! The station stops! "Next time!" "Don't cry, Dora is a great game.

They brought the basket

These loans are easy to transfer.

Dolby shook his head

Sonny is a wicked sean.

-Morarudibu is good.

What will happen

Corruption? Look at the shape of the circle.

This is a truck

I can teach you where the knife is.

Cruise control

Mansen agrees with Apple's myth.

Sean Clock Yes? Managing Director.

Love? The costumes are good.

Good player.

"How do you know?"

Stay tuned for keywords 2-10

It's called Sean.

I do not know

Good afternoon

Oh, but today it's not Sean.

The box is open


Say "who is this man?" Karl the Fool is a genius.

Why I give it to Mr. Mr. Food. Martin, but not the grass.

Are you Tom's friend? Do you have to kill your animals to kill women?

For example? At least he saw me

The king refused

Unfortunately, Makuberu started having animals.

He doesn't love you


This is the book

Tell me something new

I'm sorry to come.

Have fun

Yes! Can fix this problem.

I can't do it

Who Will Be A Great Threat?

See also my sister Deryn.

Children should be in a safe environment.

Find out how to cook a fire.

and others

We’ve got it.

If they don’t, they will do it wisely.

What do you see?

"Of course, I'm sorry."

Archaeologists have discovered the cost of a frozen pineapple gift and said the food was produced because it was difficult to advertise.

You coming?

Students have ideas.

You mean weed, weed? Medium.

I was always waiting to find out.

"Wait!" This is a test.

Not bad, not bad.

Any advice? I liked high school.

Traditional take traditional medicine?

it's not

Do not eat grass.

Statistics are not good.

There is no art

It can be eaten

"Can you breathe?"

Me too

This boy was very focused on human emotions.

Keep in mind that this is a bad movie.

Close the stairs.

Is this a trap? Are you a secret at home? It's just a point of weakness

He is not afraid


What's the secret, you don't want to be embarrassed and have fun?


What is your password?

: Your Word: Level 1: Earthquake

One minute

Do nothing


The words of your dress.

! You are with me! It is! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! From ot Sot Sot t ー

Because no one likes a sandwich? I did

Don't believe it

Not against the wind.

Now let's look at Bologna. - Yes, yes, yes.

Eat meat. - Yes, yes, yes.

Double Dutch Syrup.

Oh yes yes yes

How he stole it.

Except for gasoline

Get ready for the worst.

Why are we not in the workplace?

Yes, ha!

There are farms.

We can.

Come out:


No place.

- Get out of my bag. I confuse journalists day and night. Fun fact - journalists we are not journalists


We want to buy oil.

Bars, that's fine. I don't think so

Not many of you belong to this place. Sorry Dad

What causes media problems? I've been working on it ever since.

"Me?" This is another demonic spirit sent by a demon.

An evil spirit. He is reportedly going to Easter. Right

But that's not all.

Something has happened since he arrived.

After that, he quit.

Take care of this


-Great! I've never felt this.

I looked at them.

The process is amazing.

Suppose that number has changed.

I'm with you


They went.

Animals are flying animals, they wander in the dark.

dont fear. dont fear. dont fear. Help does not help. Chicken, just chicken.


This is not a threat.

It's like we've found a secret.

Also, the host was very welcoming when we arrived.

Yes, we can find spiritual preparation.

Of course not!

He was there.

Cream! The cream is hot

We are happy

He stands behind the mountain.

If we are lucky

But like everything else, it's wrong.

It didn't seem to be over.

Where is this place? It looks like the old airport.

It has not been used for many years.

I'll leave it at that

He's like our driver.

What am I looking for, brother? Then it is a bosom or blossom.


This is our first thought.

We must follow.

Say anything

But the door was closed.

How to compare things in the dust.

The door is locked


I insisted it was an outward feeling.

This is it

This is it

I did

I did

If you want to stay here.

Cheers to the tomb dedicated to this ancient people.

That's good

Now that we know it, let's go.

What's more? - Let's get down to it.


- Let's talk about content.

- What do you see? Sean

How did you get there? Hello Scoop, I'm glad I went.

- Look, nothing.

This place is nothing. - Look in the window.

- I tell you so much


Torso will be released.

I saw something


It's hot.

I hope there is a tone to it.

Who created the stage fire? I don't know

Do not disturb the noise.

This is a serious crime.

You seem to have come here.

-What are we doing now? - I tell you so much

Let's see if we can get rid of this mystery.

Like Wow, we tend to see something negative.

But fear of famine is not good.

A friend

Let’s take two.

Some things

I saw

Good guy, let's try again.


- He feels sorry for both of them. Learn to increase your breathing, not move your muscles.

The air judge won.

Make a living line.


It’s not easy, but we look.

I hope Sakin and Scarpa have other options.

Let's see here. It's like a business.



Let's get out of here.

Everything is going perfectly

Think of two

This is the idea

- What do you think? Fresh oil.

These tools are already in use.

Fred, what do you think? As far as I know, I'm going to miss it.

- But how? Avoid keyboards or entertainment signs that warn against your abuse.

How is Farid? Hub, you see.

My cup of tea is steel.

Okay, go quickly on looking at Hilbert.

I hope you enjoy it.

I felt tired.

I was wondering where the girls were with Carmen.

We must have a human spirit.

I saw this.

Enough! The wind is strong. Help us

Spirituality - Where is the soul? - Customs, see.

- Yes, wait a moment.

Forget about too much.


We only saw two of them.

- We see them go.

- You have to be afraid of yourself.

- Where's Beef Muscles? You can be humble in your own way.


We will end soon.

We have a God named Fareed.

For example, you can see the souls of the dead.?





From one

Sharon is an amazing guest.

Bad things happen.

For example, swimming, tennis, squirrels, cages and snacks. How can you help?

Bright mountain.


Who am I

Everything is here

Enjoy quality time spent this week. That is good

"What happened yesterday, history?"

My brother Steve is not good.

Are you in old prison, what's his name? Let's look back

Did you know that massage does not work?

Right in the dark

File Management


I'm thinking of an old house.

I want to see you

You are mine

This is what I'm saying

We moved the cemetery to the old Kingston cemetery.

I watched the match before Eli Kingston.

This is a vitamin

You never come back, this is family.


Our first priority is respect.

It's natural

Turn off your telephone number

Is respecting honor?


Come here

See Stuart

"Your name?" Of course

We are testing an unacceptable method.

It was previously called Illinois.

That is good

That is a crime

This is what I'm saying


What you need

Sean doesn't work today



Sean, where did you go until Steve fell.

It is true

Sharon was not there.

"I had a bad trip to the old house."

Only one

There are no photos of Sharon Stout and his brother Michael.

This can be contagious if someone else is at home.

"Why were you there?" "I'm not here."

If you are looking for drinks, we don't.

look at that

Can you protect a small boat?


Sean! Boys

Can I continue?

Like it or not, has the first line.

Some people think so

Do I have to listen to music? Isn't this a punishment? I did not see anything

Last but not least

He no longer works with Sharon and his uncle.

Do you like shirts, shirts, shoes? I finally saw it.

Get that

There are good people.

That is the atmosphere, words.

What time is it now?

Of course, this will help you find something else.

I am a man

There is no


Even! This is the last warning.

At that time it was a house that served old life.


Old books are fun.

But this is not a threat.

I can not think about it

Game ready.

Is this?

"How did you get there?

What to do

That is

He is in the tomb

See what to do


Powder application


Ben Sherlock Holmes


Check your toes

I do not agree


Hank, something.


Your mind is behind.

Fortunately Spubby did not give up.

Hey, hit? I did these things. But that's okay.

We acknowledge that this may be a problem.

Be the first? Yes, but this is what I have been waiting for in the finals.



Of course they were there

Take a look! Measures

We asked if he would let her.

But no luck.

I do SHE'DÊD Le ahhi can say! Zombie: desk system.

I don't know if I'm happy.


I want to let the elephants know more.

Here I go


If this were the case it would be another snake.

Why not? Oh yes

About 6 months ago

There is only one game

But, I know, that Monday

Soldiers are like bullets! But if anyone wants to come back.

He is a good God

Community of Peace

Oh yes

We buy

Give it to you.

I don't want anything,

What's the real story? Eh! Eventually, the skin gets bigger.

Two for Sean! Invisible

But no luck.

Ahhi Do ŞE'DÊD Le! This is a huge loss

You can look for answers.

If so, please bring your cone wallet, please.

Click here for more information.

The boys laughed.

I'm here

Here we are

A squirrel

I think that's very important.

Was he home before the party started?

Neither is important.

Thank you.


Beware of Harambe


Money for money

Lord, the will





Of course,

Hello, history

This will be hot

I think it was Dylan

You can't come

In my opinion, in my opinion

It doesn't work, doesn't it

The question is:

I know what this Daniel is.

Believed to be a bear

No response

Waiting to be invited

Oh, it hurts.


I want to hear from you


She and her friends


That is not it

Give them

They will help you

On the left

Yes, at the same time he was from there.


Save the Magic Bike



Thank you.

Yes, thanks for the school.

Yes, but that's not the problem

On the other hand, his daughter

This is normal.

Because we

This would not be surprising for us.

No, no, not at all

Jam is full of new people.


Wow! I am the father of Hoya Fuye.

I'll do it again

My pioneers have left the world

Not all studies agree with this study.

Okay, ask

Private and coffee available! Difficulties.

Listen in.

Oh yes

In the bed.

Perfect legs

The area, you visit the hospital.


- What's wrong? This service is not intended for use


This is the starting point

But how about Daphne? I do not know

Because we


Mack and Zack! I want to know who they are

- The future

Sometimes he comes to us again.


At the same time


Another "antique".

Cookies on this page.

Take a look! Zombie

Rake's Drink

I was amazed

I'm curious about the issue.

Walk, too

Oh, I want to find out

He is dead.

His talk in everything, and now,

This has changed

Pets: Pets


Is the apple free? I would like to know if this channel,



Now that story has concluded, it is time to test your knowledge. (Ctrl + G is cheating)

Question 1:

- Where did she dance?

Question 2: 

- Who had a God named Fareed?

Question 3: 

- Old books are___

Question 4:

- Is this a story about domestic violence?

Question 5:

- What constitutes as a bad way to deceive oneself?

Leave your answers in the comments below.


  1. 1. She danced in the old school tunnel
    2. Fareed is a friend of Renklov
    3. Old books are fun!
    4. This is not a story about domestic violence.
    5. A bad way to deceive oneself is to assume that what you know is correct. Given the nature of our Universe, there is essentially no way to know anything, and by assuming that we know anything, we are only going to set ourselves up for disappointment when our Universe contradicts what we know. Given, some things that apply entirely to our human mentality may be "true," but in those situations, nothing that is "true" should even be considered significant. For what we know, we are wrong, and through our own wrongs, we may learn what is right, and, more importantly, why. Of course, you should not linger on these thoughts, for it is unhealthy, and will likely lead to a life of nihilism, and thus a lack of care for the absurdity of life and what matters within society and culture. It's best just not to think about it much and to try and enjoy the incomprehensibilities of life as we know it.

    1. Unfortunately, this is a story about domestic violence.


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