Team Reptile and Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

It is with tears in my eyes and mucus leaking out of my nose that I must remember the IPs that have been neglected by SEGA
A moment of silence is appreciated, but not required

Well, if SEGA won't make any new games, then I suppose some other devs can pick up a bit of their slack. Team Reptile have proven themselves through Lethal League, and now they're here to pick up one of SEGA's various deceased franchises.
(artwork from official Steam page)

You may be wondering whether these guys can make a good "Jet Set Radio" game. Well, they've got most of the pieces in place for this to turn out great.
I think it's safe to say that Bomb Rush Cyberfunk has some good potential. Hopefully through this situation, not only will we be blessed with a bangin' new game, but SEGA will take note of their old neglected franchises that the people want more of.

If nothing else, I hope we at least get another Seaman game.