The PC Gaming Show 2020 was a waste of time

like-dislike ratio after the end of the stream

PC master race am I right fellas? You'll only get this reference if you're a PC gamer. The cake is a lie. Sorry to alienate any non-PC gamers in the audience.
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this is what a typical minesweeper player looks like

Now, let me tell you something. When I watch a conference about Gaming™, do you know what I care about? I care about seeing video games. Instead, PC Gamer decided to waste everyone's time. Of course it was entirely necessary for them to tell us all that black lives matter (a fact that everyone already knows and no one cares to hear when thinking about gaming.) And of course this stupid robot needed to be here cracking dumb jokes that no one laughed at.

Do any of these games look good or interesting? Yes, there were a handful. Ooblets looked cute and fun. All the New Blood stuff looked incredibly fun. We got to see some gameplay for Godfall, which was cool I guess. Prodeus is a new retro-style FPS. Among Trees looks like a fun version of singleplayer Minecraft with a good artstyle (i.e. Minecraft but good). Mortal Shell is literally just Dark Souls. That's pretty much all.

Were there any games I didn't care about? A majority of the games looked really boring and pointless. Pointless RPGs and RTSs were everywhere. The fantasy and space exploration setting is so played out at this point that I felt like I was wasting my time by watching most of this. Given that they showed off over 40 games, it's safe to say that around 80% of them looked like complete trash.
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what every single Fantasy RPG looks like to me

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what every single Fantasy RTS looks like to me

It was actually painful to watch this entire event. There was no reason for this conference to be 2.5 hours long. If they cut out all of the pointless interviews that no one cared about and all of the skits that no one cared about, they could have easily fit the trailers in maybe an hour and fifteen minutes. Instead I ended up feeling like I had a large portion of my time wasted.

Here's some quick math:
    if they showed off ~45 games and each one had a 1.5 minute trailer (just an approximation for both values,) then the entire show should have only been an hour and seven and a half minutes long. Instead, it was more than double that, and not every game even had its own trailer.

Final Verdict: 82.5 minutes longer than necessary

- morsh