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As of 2:00pm EST, Mixer has informally announced, on their Twitter of all places, that Mixer will shut down all services and help streamers on the platform integrate themselves with the illustrious Facebook Gaming my grandpa watches.

Mixer, for those who are uninformed, is a streaming platform provided by Microsoft that allows for streaming, and provides a great number of benefits to various streamers, including easier console streaming, easier chat bot configuration, easier alert configuration, and the lack of a RAM-consuming screen-capture system. Mixer hosted a variety of notable streamers, such as Ninja, Shroud, and ChiefThief20, who I suggest you all check out (mixer.com/ChiefThief20). Despite their varied cast of notable streamers, compared to Twitch, Mixer had a drastically smaller viewership, but they did provide a lot more benefits, and had better moderation (in comparison to Twitch, who have sheltered Alinity for years).

Apparently, they made this decision in light of the various allegations being thrown their way, such as their apparent sheltering and promotion of various sexual predators throughout their short time as a service. These claims may have had an impact as to this sudden decision, but seeing their viewership numbers compared to their competition, this decision felt inevitable.

As impactful as this is for thousands of streamers and audience members, Mixer made the abrupt announcement on their Twitter, with no prior warning whatsoever to the sudden, and in some cases, life changing decision. To preserve their P.R., they are currently helping Mixer partners integrate themselves into the glorious platform that is Facebook Gaming.

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As some may speculate, most streamers are quite skeptical as to whether or not they shall make the move, due to Facebook's reputation as a data-stealing whore, and the fact that the mere idea of Facebook gaming sounds worse than Mixer. Apparently, Microsoft had good reason to do this. Facebook Gaming, for whatever reason, claims to have a bigger viewership than Mixer, hence the sudden partnership. The notion that Facebook Gaming somehow has a huge viewership at all is astounding and outlandish, but, for whatever reason, there are a lot of grandparents out on Facebook watching fresh Candy Crush tutorials and speedruns.

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One can only continue speculating as to what happens from now on. Twitch almost has a monopoly over the streaming business, and with their even worse reputation than Mixer, one can't be sure as to the future of their site. Youtube also provides their own streaming services, but those have been shown to be low quality in streaming, so I wouldn't quite count on them overtaking Twitch anytime soon. In the end, though, nothing really changes. The only individuals affected are among Mixer's small fanbase. I can sympathize, especially with ChiefThief20, but looking back, this was always going to happen, whether the platform shuts down naturally, or Twitch bought it out. Seeing this unexpected turn happen so abruptly, and on Twitter of all places, one can only feel pity.

Mixer formally shuts down July 22nd, 2020. Cash in your sparks for random crap while you can.

- Gabe of Big Bohos

P.S. Go check out ChiefThief20 when he moves to Twitch


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