Katie Oppresses Minorities

As you may know Katie the oppressor has made many controversial statements online towards minorities and she has said countless times that she hates minorities and that she will do anything to control them. In my opinion, this is a massive statement because it is true ngl. In order to make this oppressive woman come down from her evil spotlight, we have to do the following things in order.
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2) Make her scream
3) Make her join the army which is to make her Look :eyes: for :four: the :woman_tipping_hand:gummy :kissing_cat: bear :bear: album :black_nib:in :balloon: stores :department_store: on :oncoming_automobile: November :construction_site: 13th :pretzel: with :sweet_potato: lots :cloud_tornado: of :dragon: music :notes: videos :loudspeaker: and :poop: extras :ear_with_hearing_aid: 
4) make her enlist
5) repeat steps 1-4 and do it in an endless cycle until she goes mentally unstable

please help. call this number (830) 476-5664

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