Gay son vs thot daughter who will win?

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So as you may know about this century long debate about having a gay son or a thot daughter right? Honestly this is kinda controversial if you ask me, but ima list the pros and cons of each one of these points. So check this out

                                 Organizer's gay son opposes 'Straight Pride' event                                         

Gay son pros   

                                        1) It used to be manly as FUCK to be gay asf in roman times.
                                        2) Chance that he won't be a thot daughter
                                       3) He is proud of who he is and it's cool to be gay 😎
                                        4) he also got the strap on him (take that however you desire)
                                        5) man

                                                 Gay son cons

                                                                              1) he gay lol                                                                  
                                                                 ghetto dora hotcheetogirl takis Image by :)

                                         thought daughter pros

                               1) nothing, literally nothing, unless if you're into that incest, then this is a                                            pro for you, but if you find an actual pro with this, then you're a thot daughter.

                                          thought daughter cons

                                                                 1) she fr a stanky thot tbh.                                                  
                                                      2) she gonna be doing those devilish tik tok dances
                                     3) nobody actually likes her, everywhere she steps, she leaves cheeto dust
                                     4) she be like sex, mmm, different men, mmmm, yummy, mmmm, p
Katy Perry Is a Flamin' Hot Cheeto for Halloween—See the Pic! - E ...
this is possibly your thot daughter
                                                           imo, gay son wins this one lol

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