EA Brings the Games

I didn't care about any of these dumb games that EA talked about...

except for Skate 4.

a skater, ready to perform his classic moves in Skate 4

Skate 4 is easily the most exciting game that has been announced this year for me. I don't care about half of these stupid silly games, but Skate 4 is something I've wanted for so long. There is absolutely no way EA can mess this up either. Skate 3 was a buggy mess, but everyone loved it anyways. Worst case scenario, Skate 4 is just an HD version of Skate 3.

Skate 3 was such a fun game, and it seems like any game with the intention of skateboarding and doing tricks is bound to be incredibly fun.

The EA conference was easily the 2nd best conference so far in replacement E3. I'm not sure if anything will top Sony's PS5 reveal, but the fact that EA announced a single game that I care about (and in less than half the time of the PC Gaming Show) makes it an easy middle place at this point.

EA. I am REALLY hoping you don't mess this one up.

- Morsh


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