Get These Monkeys off My Joints Man

Many of us are well familiar with these insubordinate simiiformes, but they've really crossed the line this time. Whenever I just want to enjoy the simple delicacies of life these imbeciles nick my joints before I can get a good smoke. I mean, come on. If these idiots had brains, they would be cognizant of the obvious prevalence of joints in the many trusted retailers of our area, such as Walmart and Goodwill. So, if any of you hominids are reading this, culpable of larceny or not, just get off my joints man. Go buy your own joints you half-brained, sickle-celled, sandwich-eating, lackadaisical, duplicitous, joint-simping, frog-skinned, bum-clenching troglodytes. Your lunacy will not be tolerated any longer, morons.


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