Serious Stuff (Update)

Here on, we were founded on a basis of memes and jokes and irony, and I'm sure that it is obvious that's the case. However, not everything that goes on in life is a joke necessarily, so soon, we will be introducing more serious content to this site, such as personal experiences and opinions. We will have a separate tag for those who only want the serious stuff, and most of the silly stuff will be energy swords most likely.

In addition, I, Sir Kini (Marshall if you prefer), would like to announce a new frontier of Bohos. Soon, we will be expanding to do media reviews. Movies, TV, games, literature, anything that we feel like talking about for a while. While I personally will be posting videos of these on my channel, others may only put them on the site. Other news is to come, so stay tuned. Thank you to everyone who reads these and laughs at all of our stuff, it means a lot to me. This site is something I'm very passionate about.

-Sir Kini