Updates again

Many people may have noticed the lack of posts in 2019 so far (that is, if many people even checked this site regularly.) This post will be the 13th one of the year. We posted 31 posts to bohos.bigbohos.com in 2018, and we started in August. While there isn't any particular reason that we haven't been posting as much recently, I will at least be trying to upload onto here a bit more frequently. I'll at least be sure to get an ESS up every now and then. Otherwise, I'm not entirely sure of what else to put up other than stupid videos.

The Bohos may seem like a small group if you account for those who put content up on this dumb site, but in reality, most of us are just normal people who don't care to make content. Splunkor, KappASA, Kooltaar, and I are probably the most content-oriented members of the group, with Andrew, Conjure, Gabe, and Patrick being willing to join in every now and then, but as for all the others, they have their own lives that they would rather deal with than bohos.bigbohos.com.

Despite this, I will be trying to get some more of the Bohos to make some sort of content that we can put somewhere. Next time that this might happen, however, may not be until our next White Elephant in late December. We may do more before then, but it's hard to say.

See you guys again on Sunday
- Kini