Sk8 Nation Expo 2019

Our community is dying. It turns out that skateboarding died off in the early 2000s and it isn't that cool anymore. We were aware of this, but we didn't see its impact until this year's Sk8 Nation Expo, where only 8 people showed up.
All attendees of SK8 2K19, (cameraman not pictured)
This is a serious statement on the state of the Sk8 Nation. If we don't spread our message to others, our community will be dying in a matter of years. What will we possibly do without a community for our fellow skater bois.

So this post is meant to spread awareness and an overall positive message to those who may be interested in the community. Please feel free to join the Sk8 Nation. We're accepting of everyone, all colors, all sexualities, and hey, we may be called sk8er bois, but we're fine with a few sk8er ladies every now and then.

The current head of skate nation is Edmund "Mormon" Gayass, and he has been since our founding in 2002. Mormon has been a truly inspiring figure to all of us, and he has done so much for the community. We don't want his great efforts to go to waste, so we encourage anyone and everyone to consider joining the Sk8 Nation.

Peace out, brometheus!